Research Projects

9/2015 – PRESENT: “Architectural-Based Speculative Analysis to Predict Bugs in a Software System”  – Software Architectural Research Group, USC

  • Used implicit problems, e.g., architectural- and code-smells, in combination with explicit problems, e.g. reported issues and bugs, to provide an accurate, systematic and in-depth approach to predict potential system problems, particularly bugs

Mining Process2/2014 – 5/2015: “Architectural Change and Decay in Open-source Software“- Software Architectural Research Group, USC

  • Reversed architectures of over 800 versions of 23 open-source systems, totaling over 120 MLOCs.
  • Found evolution trends related to architectural changes in software systems, rate of architectural decay occurrences, correlations among implementation
    decisions and architectural changes.



3/2011-8/2012: VULCAL Workbench, Software Engineering Lab – POSTECH.

Vulcan Overview

Vulcan Overview

Vulcan Workbench is a set of tools, which uses Eclipse as an integrated environment to form a complete working environment for Software Product Line Engineering. I am working on VULCAN: Domain Analyzer, and was in charge of the following functions:

  • Feature model reverse engineering
  • Feature-macro mapping
  • Feature implication graph view
  • Structural comparing of two feature models

12/2009-6/2010: CloudStudio IDE– ETH Zurich

CloudStudio IDE

This project is also my BSc thesis which focuses on a fact that today’s software production is increasingly distributed. However, software tools have not kept up; they provide little if any support for this new reality of software development

  • CloudStudio project develops an Integrated software Development Environment (IDE) enabling distributed projects to produce software “on the cloud”
  • In the initial version that I has developed, CloudStudio IDE supports collaborative development of Eiffel language with the following functions: project management, coding, compilation and group communication

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